Taking No Bull: Statue of 'Fearless Girl' Placed on Wall Street Ahead of International Women's Day

A new bronze statue had New Yorkers stopped in their tracks Tuesday as a "Fearless Girl" statue was strategically placed in front of Wall Street’s iconic bull.

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The statue shows a young girl standing straight with her head held high as she stares down the bucking bull that has become synonymous with Wall Street and big business.

The statue was installed by State Street Global Advisors, a branch of Boston-based State Street Corporation, to send a powerful message about gender equality in the workplace.

The defiant girl was placed in the financial epicenter of the Big Apple to encourage more companies to add more women in leadership roles and in the male-dominated Wall Street.

"Fearless Girl" was placed at the site on the eve of International Women’s Day.

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It was also placed on the eve of #DayWithoutWomen, a strike set for Wednesday that asks women to skip work to show what it would be like if they were not in their respective positions for a day.

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