Cooler Filled With '5 Very Large Bags of Marijuana' Donated to Goodwill Store

Washington police officers responded when a local Goodwill store reported a cooler someone had donated that was filled with marijuana.

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"They were going through donated items," said Debbie Willis of the Monroe Police Department. "They found a cooler, and they opened the lid, and there were five very large bags of marijuana."

She told the cooler contained 3.75 pounds of marijuana, with street value of approximately $24,000.

Willis explained that Goodwill employees believe the cooler was dropped off Monday night, but, "they’re not exactly sure how it was donated."

Officers are continuing to investigate surveillance footage in hopes of finding the cooler's former owner.

"There’s lots of people claiming, 'I think that’s my cooler’ [on social media],'" Willis joked. "But the possibility of us knowing really who did it is very small."

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It is legal to carry up to one ounce of marijuana in Washington state. However, Willis explained the cooler contained nearly 60 ounces of the substance.

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