Cops Challenge Kids to Snowball Fight During Blizzard: 'We Had Extra Manpower'

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Everyone loves a good snow day, especially the New Jersey police officers who found themselves in an all-out snowball fight against neighborhood kids on the playground.

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Captain Arthur Del of the North Bergen Police Department told they had asked more officers to come into work on Tuesday, anticipating extra trouble from the snowstorm.

“We beefed up manpower based on projections for the storm,” Del said. “These guys were patrolling when they came across a group of kids.”

The officers then challenged the kids on a playground to a friendly snowball fight, and posted a video of the event to Facebook.

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It doesn't look like a winner was declared in the battle, but it's clear that both sides had their fun.

“We had the extra manpower,” Del said. “They went sledding with them [too].”

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