Veterinarian Reveals the Weirdest and Most Dangerous Things He's Removed From a Dog's Stomach

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Butter knives, Gorilla Glue and bras are just some of the bizarre reasons a Colorado veterinarian has had to operate on curious canines that bite off way more than they should chew.

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In Dr. Jeff Young's latest episode of Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet on Animal Planet, the veterinarian surgically removes a large rock from a bulldog's stomach at his Denver practice, but explains that was not nearly the weirdest thing he's heard of a dog eating.

"We see dogs with rocks several times a year — not the most common, but it does seem to happen fairly often," Young told "I have pulled out rocks almost as big as my fist [or] a small grapefruit. I don’t understand how they can even swallow them."

Over the years, he explained the most common thing he has pulled out of a canine patient is cloth, including rugs, blankets, underwear and socks.

Some of the weirder things include money, butter knives, toys and Gorilla Glue, "which expands to the size of the stomach," Young warned.

During an episode of Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet, Young explained it was easy to reach a rock lodged in the pup’s stomach, but it could have been life threatening had the rock passed into his intestines.

“If it passes, [objects like the rock] will obstruct and cause death fairly fast, if not removed,” he explained.

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To keep dogs from swallowing foreign objects, Young suggested removing anything a dog could reach and swallow from the home.

“Many times, they are playing with things, and I think it is just an accident,” Young said. “Dog-proof your house just like you would child proof your house. Consider a dog like a toddler with everything going into their mouths.”

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