Grandmother Teaches Her Deaf Baby Granddaughter Sign Language: 'Can You Sign Grandma?'

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A baby’s first words are a milestone to celebrate - no less if they're spoken with her hands.

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Pamela McMahon, 64, was spending quality time with her granddaughter, 2-month-old baby Aria McMahon, when they started practicing the word for “grandma” in sign language.

“Aria is completely deaf — she cannot hear anything,” her mom, Shari, told “She would ‘listen’ intently to signing but hasn’t used any signs herself.”

But, with a little help from her loving grandmother, who is also deaf, Aria was able to practice moving her hand and practice signing the word herself.

In the video posted to Facebook, Pamela could be seen playing with her granddaughter, and helping her practice the words.

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“Basically, she’s asking my daughter if she can sign ‘grandma,’” Shari, who is also deaf, explained.

Shari said she hopes the video will help raise awareness on the importance of teaching babies sign language.

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