Grandmother Skydives for the First Time at Nearly 70 Years Old

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A sprightly grandmother went to the extreme to prove the age-old saying “you’re only as old as you feel,” going skydiving for the first time in her nearly 70 years.

Zuo Shufen, of northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, flew to south China's Guangdong Province with her granddaughter to try the extreme sport during the country’s Labor Day holiday, APTN reported.

"I felt quite calm, not nervous at all until they opened the door of the airplane," she told the TV station of the more than 13,000-foot drop. "I felt my face was distorted by gusts of wind, as if I was going to jump into a deep pit." 

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The matriarch kept the daring stunt a secret from her son, who said he was stunned to learn about his mother’s adventure.

“Even people at my age may not dare to attempt this kind of strenuous sports," said her son, Sun Shengbin. "I am really surprised and scared." 

But there was nothing to fear, as Zuo’s jump went off without a hitch.

Though there is no age limit to parachute jumping, participants must have good blood pressure, a sound heart and be physically flexible.

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None of those requirements posed a challenge for Zuo, an avid exerciser who dropped into a full leg split to show she was capable of lifting her feet high enough, APTN reported.

Now that she’s conquered the skies, Zuo has set her sights on the seas.

“My granddaughter said that after experiencing sky diving this year, she would take me to enjoy water diving during her spring vacation next year,” Zuo said.

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