School With Spider-Man: Students Recall Tom Holland Attending Their Classes in Secret

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Tom Holland was all set to swing on the silver screen this weekend in Spider-Man: Homecoming, but to prepare for the role, he had to learn how to blend in with New York City high school students.

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To make sure he could embody the character of Peter Parker, the 21-year-old secretly enrolled at The Bronx High School of Science.

The school is one of the best public schools in New York City, and Holland went undercover to experience what being a high school student in America is really like.

For three days, he sat in on classes at the school. All the while, no fellow students knew that he was the new Spider-Man.

"Even the teachers didn't know I was not a student and they would bring me up to the class and they would be like 'What do you think, new kid?'” Holland recently told Jimmy Kimmel.

Fariha Kaji had a class with him and recalled the experience to Inside Edition. 

"When one of my friends saw him in class, we thought he was really cute and potentially wanted to talk to him," she said. 

Stephanie Gong saw Holland around school.

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“He seemed like just another regular guy," she said. "He was super easygoing and down to Earth. Very nice and very friendly.”

The actor’s real identity was finally revealed before the school's drama club.

"Someone took the mic and said, 'We have a special guest, Tom Holland. He plays Spider-Man,'" Gong said. "And everybody freaked out."

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