German Shepherd Pushes Grocery Cart on Its Hind Legs as Owner Shops Next to Him

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A very good dog pushing a grocery cart on its hind legs around a California supermarket is the last thing shoppers expected to see while running errands.

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Cash, the 6-year-old rescue German shepherd, could be seen maneuvering the shopping cart as his owner, Isaac Hughes, 55, walks next to him with his arms free to pick up items from the shelves.

“My dog will push the cart all the way into the aisle and he can turn corners,” Hughes told “He can do it for more than a full minute.”

Hughes explained he runs a service dog training company, and teaches Cash many of the tricks that he teaches his clients’ dogs.

“Sometimes when people walk with a cane or a walker, they can get things into the cart but pushing the cart a long way is hard,” he explained. “I can teach a bigger dog, if they give them the command, to take over.”

Hughes said he rescued Cash from euthanization after a shelter deemed the dog untrainable and aggressive.

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Since then, Cash has been taught to do all sorts of tricks that often make him the center of attention.

“The key to training a dog is you show the dog mercy,” he said. “Your hand of affection is heavier than your hand of correction.”

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