This Poor Pup Has No Idea How to Catch: 'She Just Doesn't Know Where to Go'

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This clumsy canine just doesn’t know how to catch.  

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Clover, a 1-year-old golden Labrador living in Australia, went viral after her owner Ashley Shepherd, 19, uploaded videos of her tossing balls, toys and even food toward the pup’s mouth.

But each time, poor Clover fails to catch the objects.

“If I throw Clover a ball she just doesn’t know where to go,” Shepherd told Caters News. “When I throw something for Clover to catch more often than not she will miss things completely, or it will just hit her in the face.”

Clover was adopted last year, and almost right away, Shepherd could tell the animal had poor mouth-eye coordination, though the pup doesn’t appear to have problems with other skills, like climbing stairs.

“She isn’t stupid,” Shepherd explained. “She doesn’t have a problem with her eyesight. I just think some dogs don’t have that ability.”

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Shepherd explained her other dog, 3-year-old chocolate Labrador Clifford, never had this problem.

“With my other dog Clifford, it doesn’t matter how high or how fast you throw something,” she said. “He will always be able to get it straight away."

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