Inside Stephen Paddock's 1,700-Square-Foot Mandalay Bay Suite Where He Staged Killing Spree

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Video of the Las Vegas shooter's Mandalay Bay hotel suite has been revealed following Sunday’s tragedy.

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Stephen Paddock's room is now roped off with police crime scene tape. Down the hallway, a room service tray of food is discarded. Through a crack in the door, one of Paddock's weapons can be seen.

The 64-year-old stayed in the Vista Suite, which boasts 1,700 square feet of space with a wraparound view overlooking the Vegas strip.

Somehow, Paddock snuck in 23 guns in 10 pieces of luggage without housekeeping ever raising a red flag.

More is also being learned about how the massacre was staged.

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Paddock used a hammer to shatter the floor-to-ceiling windows. Then he opened fire into the crowd at the 15-acre concert site 32 stories below, using a two-legged bipod and a gun platform.

The killer apparently fitted a special shoulder stock to increase the rate of fire of his semi-automatic weapons.

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