Vegas Shooting Victim Comforted by Therapy Dogs in Hospital: 'It Just Helps the Healing Process'

Playing Victims of Vegas Shooting Recover With Help of Golden Retriever Therapy Dogs

A 41-year-old man who was wounded during the mass shooting in Las Vegas Sunday received some special visitors in the hospital Thursday as therapy dogs came to lift his spirits.

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Shooting victim Michael Caster was visited by golden retrievers Lois and Mahla, both 2 years old.

The special dogs are bringing a measure of peace to the shaken city.

The bullet that struck Caster went through his lung and hit his spine during Sunday’s shooting. He has no feeling from the waist down.

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Despite the horror of Sunday, he has been able to find a sense of calm with Lois and Mahla.

“It just helps the healing process, really,” he said. “Dogs are just so loyal.”

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