A Pair of Photographer Moms Created a Mock Wedding Photo Shoot With Their Children

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Two children dazzled in a cute, mock wedding photo shoot that has since gone viral.

Photographer moms Breana Pulizzi, of Texas, and Bria Terry, of Wolf & Rose Photography, said their children, 3-year-old Ella Pulizzi and 5-year-old Sullivan Terry, have had playdates multiple times and they wanted the pair together in a photo shoot. 

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“Both of them have been in front of the camera forever,” Pulizzi told InsideEdition.com. “I said ‘hey what do you think about a fake wedding?’ It took us about a week and we got all the props and stuff.”

Neither Ella nor Sullivan was shy during the shoot. Their moms said the children were both very excited to be “getting married.”

“I got them all dressed up and they wanted to hold hands,” Pulizzi, who owns Breana Marie Photography, said. “We found a miniature ring and Sullivan dropped down on one knee and proposed. Ella was all giggly."

In order to get children to lovingly stare into each other’s eyes for the shoot, the moms told Sullivan and Ella to look at each other’s eyelashes. To get them both to look away, they told the kids to look at the fish in a nearby lake.

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But the kiss in one of the photos was all Ella’s idea. 

“She asked Sullivan if she could kiss him,” Pulizzi said. “It was cool to have our kids be a part of what we do and they loved it.”

The photos have since gone viral on Facebook with nearly 400 shares.

Now when Pulizzi shows the pictures to Ella, the 3-year-old says, “I married my best friend.”