DNC Flies Banner Over Mitt Romney Fundraisers

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was in a great mood as he went from one fundraiser to another in New York City.

But while things seemed to be going well for Romney at ground level, it was a very different story up in the sky as Romney's controversial words are coming back to haunt him.

In the midst of Romney's rounds, a plane flew over the Hudson River carrying a giant banner saying: "Bet You 10K Romney's Out of Touch."

That's a direct shot at Romney over the flippant $10,000 bet he made with Rick Perry during Saturday's Republican debate.

In the debate, Romney said, "Ten thousand bucks! Ten thousand dollar bet?"

The feisty flyover comes courtesy of the Democratic National Committee.

"Now, everybody knows how wildly out of touch Mitt Romney is with the values of everyday working people in this country," said a representative for the DNC.

But it's a "banner" day for Mitt Romney no matter how you look at it.