How to Stay Safe in a Elevator

They're terrifying attacks that can and do happen all the time—people walking on an elevator only to end up beaten or worse. Just this week a sicko in Brooklyn doused a woman in gasoline and set her on fire.

So what can you do to protect yourself?

INSIIDE EDITION spoke with saftey expert, Steve Kardian who says, "You have to react immediately."

Kardian says you shouldn't be lulled into a false sense of security just because you're in the building where you live. More attacks actually occur in residential buildings then in commercial buildings.

Kardian said, "Generally they occur in apartment buildings, in condominium buildings where there is less security. In the commercial setting, we know that we have got security downstairs, we have camera's all over the place."

Your best defense is to avoid the elevator if there's someone who gives you a "ick" feeling.

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander asked Kardian, "What should I do if someone gets on the elevator that gives me the creeps?"

"First thing you do is put your back against the wall and be close to the panel that controls the floors and alarm button. That is going to give you an advantage is you need to get off the elevator or activate the alarm," said Kardian.

And what do you do if someone grabs you?

Kardian told Alexander, "Step back and make a frame[sheilding your face with your forearms]. As I come for you, push my neck. The more I try to come close, the more pressure I put on my neck. Knee to the groin, elbow to the face and hit the buttons and escape the elevator."

What do you do if someone tries to drag you off the elevator on a floor of their choosing?

Kardian said that, "He grabs you and goes to pull, you sit your hips down and bend your knees up and kick, kick, kick."

Your primary goal is to get to where other people are.

"People are your friend. It is less likely to happen if more than one or two people are in the elevator ," says Kardian.