Extreme Cheapskates

Is Roy Haynes the cheapest guy in America?

He dumpster-dives for his wife's anniversary gift  and you won't believe what he found. He pulled roses from the trash. He is on the TLC program, Extreme Cheapskates, which premiers Wednesday night.

The 58-year-old Haynes from Vermont is not the only person who is extreamly cheap. The show features cheapskates who make scrooge look like a big tipper.

One person on the show, Jeff Yeager from Maryland, cooks cheap meals using goat's heads.

Another person, Angela Coffman from Kansas City refuses to buy toilet paper. Instead, she uses cloth wipes and then washes them.

"Using cloth toilet paper saves us over $20 a month and over a year then that is over $240," Coffman says on the show.

Extreme Cheapskates is just the latest reality show geared to these tough economic times.

On A&E's Storage Wars, buyers scour repossessed storage units for hidden treasures.

The History Channel's Pawn Stars features people hocking their stuff for quick cash.

And Extreme Couponing: All-Stars, also on TLC, has shoppers competing to save the most money on their groceries.

Extreme Couponing has become a big hit for the cable channel,  attracting an average of two million viewers every week.

Ian Drew, senior editor for Us Weekly says, "These shows are really a sign of the times because of the economy. Everyone is looking for something, some kind of relief."

Extreme Couponing has sparked a coupon craze. Some newspapers have reported an increase in sales, while others say they've had rashes of thefts whenever they offer coupons.

Extreme Cheapskates may trump all the other economy-minded reality shows and Haynes could be the stingiest cheapskate ever.

He's so cheap he reuses paper towels. "I could reuse these three or five times," Haynes says on the show.

He's so cheap he sharpens disposable razor blades. Hanyes explains that "you sharpen them on the striking part of a book of matches."

He's so cheap he separates two-ply toilet paper, making two rolls out of one. "I get twice as much as everybody else does, for the same price."