Man With Breast Implants Says They Are A Normal Part Of His Life

Brian Zembic may look normal to anyone, but he's got a quite a secret lurking beneath his loose shirts. When he goes to catch some rays poolside, that's when the shocker hits—he's got breast implants.

His own girlfriend admits she's a little jealous. She told INSIDE EDITION, "He has bigger breasts than me!"

So why would a man like Zembic get breast implants? Well, it started out as a bet in Las Vegas. A friend paid him $100,000 to put them in for a year. But why, a decade later, hasn't he taken them out?

Watch Bian Zembic Talk About His Beast Implants Here

He said, "It's a normal part of my life. It really is, as sick as is it's normal."

The breast implants actually pay off because he gets an extra $10,000 for every year he keeps them.

Clearly, he marches to the beat of a different drummer. INSIDE EDITION’s Lisa Guerrero kept that in mind as Zembic took her shopping for a sports bra.

She replied and ask, "Can I ask what size?"

Zembic said, "I guess, I’m like a 38C."

At home he is just plain dad to his 13-year-old daughter, Mika. She said, "It is a little weird. I guess you can say he is my mom and my dad."

So maybe the guy known as "The Boob Man" isn't such a boob after all.