Parking Lot Attendant Becomes Millionaire After Winning Poker Tournament

It was an electrifying moment as a young man won the World Series of Poker and a jackpot of $8.4 million!

Twenty-three year old Ryan Riess of East Lansing, Michigan stood in disbelief before a giant pile of money as his friends and family cheered him on. Then, it was party time!

It was a wild celebration in his swanky suite in a Vegas hotel, but unlike the Vegas losers who woke up broke in the movie The Hangover, Riess greeted the next day as a very rich man.

Before his big win, he worked at K-Mart and was a parking lot attendant. Now, with money like that, he can afford to be pampered. He had a butler hand him pretzels, one at a time!

His parents are proud of him. He's just won a fortune. In his own words, "Life is good."