Hells Angels 'Associate' Wins the Lotto While in Jail

Reginald Roberts won the lotto in April, but news of the win has only recently emerged.

An inmate inside an Australia prison recently won nearly $1 million from the country's lottery while behind bars. 

The Australian Federal Police revealed Monday that Reginald Roberts, 64, who has been in prison for four months, won the jackpot in April. 

After winning, Roberts received a $973,320 deposit into his bank account, according to police. 

Cops say the money raised suspicion due to the amount that was put into his account, which was transferred out soon after. 

Authorities say that the lotto winnings are not suspicious but it not known how Roberts was able to get a hold of a lottery ticket while incarcerated. 

It is also unknown where the winnings went after the funds were transferred out of his account. 

Roberts was arrested in February and charged in connection to a cargo ship filled with the largest amount of crystal meth in South Australian history. 

Roberts declared bankruptcy in May 2015 and had a month left of protection before winning the jackpot. 

He was required to inform the Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA) of any massive winnings, according to the agency.

"You must declare any assets you have when you apply for, and any you receive, during bankruptcy. There are penalties for not disclosing information to your trustee," according to a statement on the AFSA website.