Helpful Tips to Purchase The Best Toys This Holiday Season

As the holidays approach, there are some simple ways to shop for the best toys.

As the holidays approach, there are some simple ways to shop for the best toys and even get a good deal without racking your brain

Toy expert Jim Silver has some simple tips to follow when searching for the perfect gift. He is the CEO of TTPM (Toys, Tots, Pets & More), which puts on an annual holiday toy showcase in New York City.

He said things can get pretty crazy in the office, which tests out more than 5,000 products each year.

“Somebody's gotta do it!” Silver told “You always have to keep your eye out. We’ve had the fire department come a few times.”

He says there are some important questions any toy buyer should be asking.

“Is it fun? Does it have play value? Is it on-trend? Does it have a good price? Are you getting your money's worth?” Silver said. “No, I mean if it's something that's hot in the past doesn't mean its hot today. Technology changes toys. They're being made better and better.”

Silver said parents should also be asking themselves whether they believe their child will continue to play with a certain toy down the road. 

“Look at the price-value relationship. We like to show parents, 'Is my child going to be playing with this a week from now, or two weeks from now?'” Silver said. 

But at the end of the day, it’s more about what your child likes.

“The hot toy is only hot if it's hot for your child,” Silver said. “So you don't buy a doll for a child that doesn't like dolls.”