From Her Morning Routine to Her Favorite Snack, What You May Not Know About Deborah Norville

She has hosted Inside Edition since 1995.

To mark Inside Edition's 30 years on the air, host Deborah Norville is giving viewers a glimpse into her life, including some details that even her most loyal fans may not know. 

Norville, who has hosted the show since 1995, says the first thing she does when waking up in the morning is “flinging myself on the floor" and doing stretches.

She also speaks Swedish, as her husband of 30 years is from Sweden, and her favorite pastime is knitting. 

When she is not working, Norville spends her time doing handy work around the house, like painting, and claims she might be the only TV host who has constructed their own headboard. 

She will nosh on potato chips and milk for a unique snack and might do so while watching her favorite film, Gone With the Wind

To learn more about the longest-serving host of Inside Edition, check out the video above.