Herd of Inflatable Dinosaurs in Running Shoes Dash Downtown for Second Annual 'T. Rex Stampede'

Playing Herd of T-Rex Stampede Through Nashville

Dinosaurs wearing running shoes might seem like an impossible sight, but many witnessed the curious spectacle during the second annual “T. Rex Stampede” in Nashville over the weekend.

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About 25 people in inflatable Tyrannosaurus rex costumes dashed across a pedestrian bridge during Saturday’s event.

Even a T. rex with a bachelorette sash and veil and a young boy in a tiny inflatable costume joined in on the fun.

Organizers said the event started as a gag, but returned for another year after it was a wild success.

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“Great job to everyone who participated on Saturday,” the event organizer wrote on Facebook. “It was super fun as always and I can’t wait until next year.”