Hero 17-Year-Old Leaps From Jet Ski to Stop Runaway Boat After Pilot Falls Overboard

"I'm still very surprised that I landed on that boat," Brady Procon tells Inside Edition.

A 17-year-old is being praised as a hero after stopping a runaway boat.

Brady Procon leaped into action when the boat's pilot fell overboard in a packed lake in New Hampshire

Procon jumped from a jet ski onto the runaway motorboat to stop it. The teen landed on the boat hard, but he quickly got behind the wheel and turned down the throttle.

"I'm still very surprised that I landed on that boat," Procon tells Inside Edition. "It was pretty close. If I missed it I definitely would have went right into the propeller."

People at the lake applauded Procon after he stopped the boat.

"I was just trying to steer the boat somewhere and hearing all those people applaud, it felt really good," Procon says. 

Procon gives credit to his friend Justin King, who steered his jet ski to the runaway boat.

"He did a heck of a job jumping in, he didn't second guess himself and it just all worked out great," King says.

Procon says he would not call himself a hero.

"I do believe anybody would have done that if they had the opportunity," the 17-year-old says.

Procon will be heading off to Navy boot camp in the fall.

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