High School Freshman Says She Found Racist Chat Group of Students

High School Freshman Pretends to Be White In Order to Expose Racist Group Chat
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A 14-year-old high school freshman said she discovered a racist chat group between her peers and then pretended to be a white student to gain access.

Cenayia Edwards told WTVD that one of her white friends at North Carolina’s East Wake High School alerted her to the chat. 

"I was like, 'Add me to it,' because I wanted to see what they were talking about. And I wanted to have proof that they were talking about this," Edwards told the station.

She changed her avatar to a white person. What she said she saw were vile messages, including “Pullin triggers and shootin n------,"and "Kill n----- babies."

Another person reportedly wrote, "#bring slavery back." 

Cenayia’s mother, Cecilia Pope Edwards, is an Army recruiter who sometimes works at the school. She called the chat scary. 

"It made me feel uncomfortable because I'm not sure what my daughter's up against. Because we're getting text messages from (Cenayia) being upset while she should be studying in her Honors English class about kids laughing because they think using these words or saying that they're 'gonna kill black kids' and 'if it ain't white it ain't right'; 'if it ain't white, burn it,'" she said.

Cenayia’s father, Corderro, said he and his wife reached out to the school. They were told there was not much that could be done, since there was no specific, imminent threat made. 

East Wake High School is located in Wake County. In a statement, a spokesperson for the Wake County Public School System told WTVD, "The principal is still investigating." They went on to say that some of the students are from nearby Johnston County, "which makes the investigation more complex." 

A spokesperson for Johnston County Public Schools told the station, "We are aware and looking into the matter."


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