High School Teacher Decks Out Her Classroom Like a Scene From Harry Potter

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A ninth-grade teacher in Maryland has turned her classroom into Hogwarts. 

Staci Lamb, 28, teaches at Elkton High School and loves transforming spaces just as much as she loved Harry Potter when she was growing up. 

“[It] made me become a reader,” Lamb told InsideEdition.com. “That's the feeling I want my students to have when we read books and when they come to my room. That feeling of wonder inspired me.”

So this year before the start of school, Lamb spent a few hours a day for nearly a month decorating her classroom. She gathered the items to design the space from all over, from Facebook Marketplace to Goodwill. 

The classroom is equipped with wooden chairs and tables, and candles sit atop each one. Dark red curtains line the windows and door. A sign on the white board reads: “Platform 9 and ¾.” There are markers for each house — Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, and Slytherin — around the classroom.

Lamb thought it was important to show that “magic can happen in public schools.” 

“The kids love it, especially the lighting,” Lamb added. “They appreciate the time I put in, and they know I love what I do every day. The reaction has been everything I wanted it to be. When the kids walked in on the first day, they had everything from a 'Whoa. Where am I?' to 'This is lit!' expression. It made all the time and investment totally worth it.”


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