Homeless Boy, 9, Asks for a 'Forever Home' in Tear-Jerking Letter to Santa

Louis Williams, 9, has lived in 14 homes in his life.

While many 9-year old boys ask for toys, games or electronics, all Louis Williams wants for Christmas is a home.

Louis is homeless and is temporarily living in Kent, England, with his two sisters and mom.

He and his family are staying in government subsidized housing, and have moved 14 times in less than a decade.

This year, Louis’ letter to Santa begged St. Nick to help his family find a forever home.

His letter read: “To Santa, this year for Christmas please can I have a forever home. I don’t want any new toys I just want all of my old toys that are in storage and I would like my own Lego bedroom with a desk to build my models. Everyone is sad living here and I just want us to be happy again. Thank you and have a lovely Christmas, love from Louis Williams.”

“I feel gutted reading this letter,” his mom, Nicola Williams, 31, told SWNS. “It’s not right that all he’s asking for is a home.”

Williams explained that they became homeless after she fell behind on paying rent, despite holding a job as a student teacher and running a business organizing children’s parties.

“I work really hard, but just can’t afford the rent down here,” she said. “I feel like I’ve really let him down. Seeing what all the other children are asking for, this breaks my heart.”

She and her three kids are currently living in a two-bedroom duplex and are on the waiting list for more permanent accommodations.

However, she explained the tight living conditions have taken their toll on Louis, whose grades have begun slipping due to stress.

“There’s not even enough room to put a Christmas tree up,” Williams said. “The kids ask when it’ll go up and it breaks my heart."