Hotel Under Construction Collapses in New Orleans, Leaving At Least 2 People Dead

A hotel under construction in New Orleans collapsed on Saturday, leaving one person dead and at least three missing.
New Orleans Fire Department

A Hard Rock Hotel under construction in New Orleans collapsed on Saturday, leaving at least two people dead and 18 injured.

A call was made to the fire department about 9 a.m. about the devastating incident. Upper floors collapsed into the ones below before one side of the building fell to the ground. Photos from the scene showed lots of debris on the street and emergency officials surrounding the area. 

One person was pronounced dead at the scene and the second death was confirmed late Saturday.  One person still remains missing.

Fire Superintendent Timothy McConnell told reporters Saturday that the building was “unstable" and that it could collapse again. “It’s a very dangerous situation," he said.

"This remains a very fluid and very dangerous situation, and every few minutes something is falling off of this building," Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards said Saturday.


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