'House of Horrors' Mom Louise Turpin Is Getting 'Death Threats' in Jail, Sister Says

Inside Edition traveled with Elizabeth Flores on her trip to visit her sister, Louise Turpin, who's accused of imprisoning and, in some cases, torturing her 13 children.

The sister of Louise Turpin, who is accused of imprisoning and, in some cases, torturing her 13 children in what's been called a "house of horrors," visited her sister inside the jail where she is being held. 

Inside Edition joined Elizabeth Flores, who traveled from her home in Tennessee to California, where Louise and David Turpin are awaiting trial. They have pleaded not guilty to all the charges against them

Flores is the only family member standing by the mom accused of the despicable crimes. Flores' 19 year-old-son, Joseph, was also there for support. 

“I am so nervous,” she said ahead of the visit. “Oh, my stomach is like turning.” 

Flores said she hadn't had any contact with Louise in more than seven months. Her greatest fear, she said, is that Louise would simply turn around and walk back to her jail cell when she saw her.

Inside Edition waited outside. An hour after the visit, Flores emerged from jail in tears. 

“She lost a lot of weight. It was just sad,” she tearfully said.

“She cried and was like, ‘I love you,’” Joseph added. 

Flores later revealed more about her visit during a sit down with Inside Edition, saying her sister finds herself a target in jail.
“She’s says she's had death threats,” Flores said. “She was crying. You could hear them scream at her, calling her names.” 

Flores added that Louise never asked about her children once during the visit.

“It shocked me she didn’t [ask],” Flores said.