Turpin House of Horrors: 17-Year-Old Made Singing Videos on YouTube During Captivity

She wrote the songs herself.

One of the children who escaped from the home of a California couple, accused of abusing their children and keeping them locked inside for years, kept a secret YouTube channel where she showcased her singing and songwriting talent.

The 17-year-old made the account during her years in captivity and sang songs on the channel that she wrote herself.

“Hello everyone, this is me," the teen says in one video. "This is a song I wrote, 'It's Over.'"

The footage has never been seen, until now.

Some of the titles of her songs, like "You Blame Me," "Where is the Key” and "Give Me One More Chance," are more than heartbreaking considering her circumstances.

Her parents, David, 56, and Louise Turpin, 49, are accused of keeping their 13 children, ages 2-29, in captivity, binding them with chains and starving them into stunted growth and diminished mental capacities.

The 17-year-old escaped through a window of their home on Jan. 14. 

Just days before her escape, she posted a video for a song called “What’s Wrong With Me?”

The lyrics may have foreshadowed her escape.

“What now? What do I do? Look at me. Here I am!” she sang in the video.

The videos first unearthed by Good Morning America offer a glimpse inside the Turpin "house of horrors."

As the 17-year-old plays with her dog, Sandy, in one video, you can see a grimy carpet and pile of dirty clothes.
David and Louise Turpin are facing life in prison if convicted and have pleaded not guilty to charges of child abuse, torture, and false imprisonment.