Turpin House of Horrors: Uncle Says He Wants to Care for Children

Randy Turpin is a faith healer and president of a bible college in Ohio.

An uncle of the 13 children who were allegedly chained up tortured by their own parents in the California house of horrors says he wants to adopt them. 

While Dr. Randy Turpin intends to take care of his brother's children, who were reportedly found emaciated and chained up in the house, authorities want to talk to him about whether he knew about past abuse in the home, CBS News reported.

Dr. Turpin, the president of Valor Christian College in Ohio, a fiery megachurch preacher and faith healer. He is currently on leave from the school, to handle “revelations about estranged family members,” according to a statement from the college provided to the New York Post.

A message left for Dr. Turpin by InsideEdition.com was not returned Wednesday.

His brother is David Turpin, the dad who is accused, along with his wife Louise, of torturing and starving his 13 children. 

A photo shows Randy at Disneyland with his brother and the kids in 2011. He posted the photo online writing: “A memory that I will hold to for the rest of my life. It was so great being with you guys."

Ironically, Randy Turpin is also the author of a book that recommends 21 days of prayer and fasting to “help bring a person to a place of personal freedom." 

Meanwhile, authorities are moving to split up the family. The seven adult children are moving into an assisted living facility Wednesday.

The six youngsters will move into two different foster homes Thursday. 

Another relative, Louise Turpin's sister Teresa Robinette, says the children should be cared for by her side of the family.

“If these children go into foster care, that's the worst case scenario,” she told Inside Edition. “We would like to get family members of ours together to make sure that each one of these kids is placed with a blood family member. That way even if they are scattered they would still be with our family and they would still have a connection for life.”

The parents of the 13 children have pleaded not guilty to the charges against them.