Louise Turpin Had Tryst With Man She Met Online - and Husband David Drove Her, Sister Says

He was apparently OK with waiting in the parking lot for his wife, her sister told Inside Edition.

Louise Turpin's sister has revealed how truly bizarre the marriage between her and her husband truly was. 

Teresa Robinette says David Turpin once drove his wife 700 miles for a romantic tryst with a total stranger.

“She said that [she] and David had met a man online and they were going to Huntsville, Ala., to meet him and she said she was going to sleep with him,” she told Inside Edition.  “David waited in the parking lot on her.”

Robinette called the situation "crazy." 

She also recalled a story about how Louise once took "provocative pictures" she posted to her MySpace page but later pulled them down after she got into a fight with her mother about it. 

Robinette also called her brother-in-law, David, a geek, and says he's the last person she believed would be involved in such horrific allegations. Louise and David Turpin have pleaded not guilty.

"I used to call him ‘geeky, nerdy,’" Robinette told Inside Edition. "[He was] very smart, very business driven, very quiet, even shy." 

In a photo exclusively obtained by Inside Edition, the Turpins are seen posing at a Texas rodeo. The couple enjoyed the rodeo so much that they returned two years later to take a similar image that was later used as the family Christmas card.  

Inside Edition has also gotten a hold of an American Gothic-style photo from the family photo album that shows David and Louise Turpin outside their home when they lived in Fort Worth, Texas.