Houston Couple Getting Married on Sept. 11 Has Old Family Connection to the Date

Suzie Cohen Brian Zager will tie the knot on the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

Suzie Cohen and Brian Zager are excited to get married, but their wedding date caused some reservations. The Houston couple is tying the knot on September 11, 2021, the 20th anniversary of the most notorious terrorist attacks in American history.

After the coronavirus pandemic put a squeeze on scoring a wedding date, Brian and Suzie decided to go forward with their big day instead of waiting until next year. 

“We did have some reservations, but we were anxious to get married, and it was the only date available to us, unless we wanted to wait until next year,” Suzie told Inside Edition.

But the date has a different meaning to Suzie — her grandmother got married on September 11, 1949. The date is engraved on her grandma’s wedding band, which Suzie will also wear on her big day.

“So many of our friends are coming from New York, so it's kind of a day to commemorate 9/11 and a way to celebrate on what would be a somber day,” Suzie said.

The 20th anniversary of Sept. 11 will see many somber ceremonies around the country, including the traditional reading of the name of victims.  

Some people have no choice but to mark the date for other reasons.

Cheyanne Jenkins will be turning 22 on Sept. 11. Inside Edition was there when she turned 6. As she got older and understood the significance of the day, she stopped having parties.

“I would never celebrate on the day of, just because it’s a little bit like — I don’t know, people could view it as insensitive. So I’m always very sensitive to the feelings of others,” Jenkins said.

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