Houston Dog-Lover May Have Been Mauled to Death by Her Own Dogs, Police Say

Victim Tiffany Fangione,48, is pictured here with one of her dogs that were euthanized, Rachirus Maximus

Tiffany L. Frangione attempted to intervene in a fight her dogs were having with the neighbor’s pets when it is believed that her own animals may have attacked her, officials said.

A 48-year-old Houston dog lover was believed to have been mauled to death by her own dogs, when she attempted to intervene in a fight her dogs were having with the neighbor’s pets, officials said.

The victim was identified as Tiffany L. Frangione, Houston Police Department (HPD) said in a press release.

The incident took place on Nov. 19, around 10:50 a.m. when HPD patrol officers responded to a report of a dead person at 12410 Rockhampton Drive. When police arrived they found Frangione in the backyard with puncture wounds to the neck, according to HPD Homicide Division Detective W. Huff. J. Nguyen and J. Wallschlaeger.  

“A preliminary investigation indicated that Frangione let her dogs out into the back yard and they reportedly fought with the neighbor's dogs through the fence. Authorities believe that when Frangione attempted to intervene that she was possibly attacked by her own dogs,” the release said. 

The Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences told Inside Edition Digital that Frangione’s death was ruled to be accidental and the cause was “blunt force trauma of the neck with penetrating injuries and mechanical asphyxia.”

Following the incident, Frangione’s husband turned over the dogs to the city of Houston’s BARC Animal Shelter, according to KHOU11 News. 

The dogs were scheduled to be euthanized after the incident, the news outlet reported. 

On Frangione's Facebook page, she is pictured having fun and relaxing with her two dogs who were allegedly involved in the attack, a five-year-old named Masha and a male named Rachirius Maximus, who also had its own Instagram page.

The Houston Police Department told Inside Edition Digital that the case is now closed and no longer an active investigation. 

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