How a Grocery Store Robot May Affect the Jennifer Dulos Case

The robot named Marty can be found inside Stop and Shop grocery stores.

The woman charged in connection to the disappearance of Connecticut mother-of-five Jennifer Dulos has claimed photos she took with a grocery store robot prove she is innocent. 

Michelle Traconis, the former girlfriend of Jennifer's husband, Fotis, told police that she was grocery shopping and "took photographs of herself and a store robot" during Jennifer's estimated time of death, according to an arrest warrant.

The robot, named Marty, can be found inside Stop and Shop grocery stores. His purpose is to keep customers safe by reporting spills, debris and other hazards to employees.

Jennifer was last seen on May 24, 2019. Her body has not been found, but there has been no activity on any of her financial accounts since the day before she went missing, as well as no activity on her cell phone, Connecticut State Police said.

Traconis has been charged with conspiracy to commit murder. Jennifer’s estranged husband Fotis has been charged with the slaying. They both deny the charges.

Fotis, 54, has also been accused of dismantling a memorial set up in Jennifer’s name near his house. He appeared in court Thursday, where his lawyer tried to explain his bizarre behavior.
"This isn’t a memorial to Jennifer," his lawyer said. "It’s a means of taunting Mr. Dulos. Mr. Dulos is presumed innocent."

"What he did was stupid," Judge Gary White said, according to News 12. “Don’t do it again.”

Calling Fotis's actions a "second strike," White threatened to double his original bond of $6 million if something else happens. However, White did restrict the conditions of Fotis's bail, making it so the luxury home developer can no longer leave his home for approved work and is only allowed to leave his house to attend church, medical appointments and legal meetings.