How Bill Cosby's Release Could Affect Harvey Weinstein, Ghislaine Maxwell Cases

In Cosby’s trial, four women were allowed to testify about alleged “prior bad acts." The tactic was also used to bolster the prosecution’s case against Weinstein, whose lawyer says is celebrating Cosby's release behind bars.

Bill Cosby's shocking release from prison may affect other celebrity cases, especially disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, whose lawyer Arthur Aidala says he is celebrating Cosby’s release behind bars.

“[Weinstein] was happy for Mr. Cosby, because he knew he didn't get a fair trial, but he was happy for personal reasons, because it was clear that the issues in Mr. Cosby's case obviously overlapped with the issues in Mr. Weinstein's case,” Aidala told Inside Edition.

In Cosby’s trial, four women, including former supermodel Janice Dickinson, were allowed to testify about so-called “prior bad acts.” The tactic was also used to bolster the prosecution’s case against Weinstein.

“Our biggest fear was, will the judges have the intestinal fortitude to come out and do something dramatic, which is to reverse the decision of a jury? And we're now more confident than ever, based on the Cosby decision,” Aidala said.

Cosby’s release could also affect the sex-trafficking case against Jeffrey Epstein’s former girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell. Her defense attorney claims, like Cosby, Maxwell was given immunity by a prosecutor in 2008. 

“Her case should be thrown out, just like Cosby’s has been,” he wrote.

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