How College Students Are Preparing to Head Home Safely Amid COVID-19

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Many colleges and universities saw the writing on the wall over the summer and planned their semesters to go virtual at the end of Thanksgiving break. So with campuses shutting down, how are students making sure they don’t bring the coronavirus back home with them?

Seniors at Tulane University in New Orleans headed home to New Jersey and New York will be flying home, but not without taking extra precautions.

“We’re pretty prepared,” one student told Inside Edition. “I’d say that we’ve been talking about it, to bring wipes with us on the plane, make sure to wear a mask, which we’ve been doing, social distancing.”

All of the students recently tested negative for COVID-19, and they plan to quarantine upon arriving back home.

At Ball State University in Indiana, Jillian Lieberman took a rapid COVID-19 test before she flew home. The results were negative, and Lieberman was ready to head back to West Palm Beach, Florida. 

At Stonybrook University in New York, roommates Emily and Katherina got their COVID tests back, which showed they were negative, before traveling home by car.

When Emily got home, her mom wiped down all of her bags.

“Before I thought she was always neurotic for doing this, but now that COVID happened, I get it. We don’t want to spread it to anyone in our family,” Emily said.

“We cannot take any chances,” her mom said.


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