How Did This Rare Mandarin Duck End Up in New York's Central Park?

People are flocking to Central park to catch a glimpse of the bird, which is usually found in China or Japan.

A rare duck not usually found in North America was spotted swimming in Central Park, prompting a flock of onlookers. 

The Mandarin duck, which is usually found in Japan and China, has stunned New York residents and tourists alike. It has a hot-pink bill, multicolored feathers and various colors on its mug.

The duck was discovered by a man who happened to be taking a stroll in the park. He recorded video of the bird, then posted it online, where it has gone viral and prompting a flock of onlookers to flood Central Park. One New Yorker told Inside Edition they skipped work on Thursday just to take pictures of the rare duck. 

But the mystery of how the duck ended up some 7,000 miles away from home is one that may not be easily cracked. So far experts have focused on the tag on its leg. If they can get ahold of the duck and check the tag, researchers might be able to find out where the bird came from. 

None of the local zoos have reported missing a duck, leading local bird-watching communities believe it may have been a domestic pet that got loose, flying to Manhattan from a neighboring town or borough. 

The bird watchers told CBS News they believe the sturdy bird will likely stay put in New York for the winter and should survive the cold. The city said it does not plan to remove the bird from Central Park unless it appears to be sick or in danger.