How Doctors Retrieved Engagement Ring After Bride-to-Be Swallowed It

Jenna Evans said she dreamed of swallowing her ring to protect it from some bad guys. But when she woke up, she realized she actually did the deed in real life.

A 2.4-carat diamond engagement ring is thankfully back safely on a California bride-to-be’s finger after she accidentally swallowed it in her sleep.

Jenna Evans of San Diego said she and her fiance couldn’t help but laugh when they realize what she had done.

“I’ve done funny things in my sleep before but nothing quite to this extent,” Evans told Inside Edition.

She explained it all started last week, when she had an extremely vivid dream involving a high-speed train chase and villains.

“My fiance told me that I needed to take my engagement ring off and swallow it – I assume to protect it and I did. I popped it off and I swallowed it,” she recalled about her dream. “I realized what was going on when I took a big drink of water. I kind of woke up a little bit but it made sense at the time because I thought it was part of the dream.”

When she woke up, she realized it wasn’t all entirely a dream.

“I went to feel for the ring and it wasn’t on my finger, and I knew very quickly where it was,” Evans said. “I was laughing pretty hard. To know the context was pretty hilarious. I had to wake my fiance up to tell him I swallowed my ring and I don’t think he believed me right away.”

They immediately called their family members with the funny news as they waited for urgent care to open, and laughed with doctors and X-ray technicians when they confirmed the ring was clearly lodged inside her body, next to her rib cage.

“My reaction was relief because I knew it was there for sure now, but then there was a little bit of panic because the next thought was, how do we get it out?” she said. “Like gosh, I hope it doesn’t end up like a bad episode of 'Grey’s Anatomy.'”

Thankfully, the procedure to retrieve the ring was a success and even though she convinced her fiance she could take care of the ring, she no longer wears the diamond to sleep.