How to Get a Deep Voice Like Elizabeth Holmes

Elizabeth Holmes is believed to have deepened her voice so she'd sound more authoritative.

Disgraced Theranos founder Elizabeth Homes is infamous for her deep voice, widely believed to be fake, but she is not the only powerful woman to want to speak at a lower register.

Speech coach Julie Foh, who helps women learn to speak deeper, thinks Holmes is purposefully lowering her voice to be accepted by her male counterparts.

"She decided that that was one way she would try to fit in with her peers, to try to speak closer to a male pitch range," Foh told Inside Edition.

And she's not alone. More and more businesswomen, like Vanessa Bombardieri, are trying to lower their voices for business purposes. So what's involved in learning to speak deeper? 

"I don't love my voice, I think it's a little high," Bombardieri told Inside Edition. "People perceive you as younger and less experienced."

Foh showed her tips and tricks to help lower her register.

"We'll work on opening the throat, opening the upper part of the torso," Foh said. 

Another technique? Expand the rib cage.

Bombardieri showed off her lower register at the end of the lesson. Check out the video above to see the changes!