How Killer Chris Watts Hid Affair With Co-Worker From Wife Shan'ann

Chris Watts, who pleaded guilty to killing his pregnant wife and daughters, kept a secret file of photos of his mistress.

Chris Watts worked hard to keep his affair a secret from his wife, Shan'ann Watts. 

Just released court documents reveal that Watts, who pleaded guilty to killing his pregnant wife and two daughters, kept a hidden folder on his phone where he stored images of his mistress

In one of the pictures, which are included among the documents, Watts can be seen in the reflection of a mirror snapping a shot of Nichol Kessinger, who's posing in a bikini.

For her part, Kessinger has called Watts a liar, saying that he told her that he and Shan'ann were getting a divorce. 

“He made me believe that he was doing all of the things that a rational man and good father would do,” she told the Denver Post in an exclusive interview earlier this month. 

Watts was sentenced last week to three consecutive life sentences for the killings, plus two more life sentences to be served concurrently, 12 years each for three counts of tampering with a deceased body, as well as 48 years for unlawful termination of a pregnancy for the death of his unborn child. 

The court documents reveal new details in the case, including information about both Watts and Kessinger's search histories.

Watts Googled when to say "I love you" for the first time, while Kessinger searched for wedding dresses for two hours just days before Watts killed his wife and children on Aug. 13. She also searched the phrase "Man I’m having affair with says he will leave his wife."

Kessinger's searches included a query about whether "people hate Amber Frey," the mistress of Scott Peterson, who was convicted in 2004 of killing his own pregnant wife, Laci, as well as one for more information about Frey's book deal.

Among the documents, which are more then 2,000 pages, are also text messages that depict the collapse of the Wattses' relationship. 

In messages exchanged with a friend days before her death, Shan'ann wrote about how Watts was showing less affection in recent weeks. "He hasn't touched me all week, kissed me, talked to me except for when I'm trying to figure out what is wrong," she said.

Shan'ann shared her concerns with her husband as well, writing to him in July while she was on vacation with the two girls that she needed him to meet her "halfway."

When Watts said he was sorry, she replied: “l try to give you space, but while you are working and living the bachelor life l’m carrying our 3rd and fighting with our two kids daily and trying to work and make money.

"lt’s not hard texting love you and miss you," she added. "lf you don’t mean it then I get it, but we need to talk.

"I kept looking at my phone all night and no response from you."