How Lauren London’s Return to Acting Has Helped Heal the Loss of Fiancé Nipsey Hussle

Lauren revealed that Michael B. Jordan encouraged her to take the role the same year Nipsey Hussle was killed.

Two years after the death of rapper Nipsey Hussle, his fiancée, actress Lauren London, has returned to the screen. London stars in Tom Clancy’s “Without Remorse,” which streams on Prime.

She plays the wife of John Clark, played by Michael B. Jordan. In the film, Clark seeks revenge on the Russian operatives who killed his wife, unborn child, and his fellow Navy SEALS.

She revealed that it was Jordan who encouraged her to take the role the same year that Nipsey Hussle was killed.

London told The Philadelphia Sunday that filming was cathartic and helped in her healing process. While she was away from her children for 11 days of filming, she felt like she had the space to grieve her loss. 

As for her future, she looks forward to creating content with a purpose and taking more ownership of her work. And living in a way she believes would make Nipsey proud, by inspiring others. 

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