How the 'Long Island Lolita' Allegedly Inspired Cop to Try to Have Her Husband Killed

NYPD Officer Valeria Cincinelli allegedly didn't want to have to share her pension with her husband, so she researched a famous case of a woman who shot her lover's wife.

Was an NYPD officer inspired by the notorious "Long Island Lolita" when she allegedly tried to have her husband murdered?

Officer Valerie Cincinelli, 35, allegedly Googled the case of an ill-fated love triangle that made international news in 1992. Amy Fisher, dubbed “The Long Island Lolita,” was 17 when she was having an affair with married body-shop owner Joey Buttafuoco. 

Fisher shot Buttafuoco's wife, Mary Jo, in the face and served seven years in prison. Fisher is now 44 years old.

Mary Jo survived the attack but her face was partly paralyzed. Two years ago, Inside Edition was there as she had cosmetic surgery to get her smile back.

Cincinelli was hailed a hero in 2017 when she busted an accused bank robber, but authorities now say she seems to have a darker side.

Authorities say she wanted her estranged husband killed because she was concerned she'd have to share her NYPD pension with him.

According to court papers, she Googled the Amy Fisher case using the names “Amy Buttafuoco” and the name of Joey Buttafuoco’s lawyer, “Dominic Darbara,” as well as the phrase "if your ex dies do you get your whole pension."

Cincinelli was accused of giving her boyfriend, 54-year-old John DiRubba, $7,000 to arrange a hit on her husband, Isaiah Carvalho. The cop allegedly wanted DiRubba’s 15-year-old daughter killed as well.

DiRubba alerted the FBI and contacted Carvalho’s family about the plot, according to the New York Daily News

The cop was arrested on May 17 when her husband worked with the FBI and staged his own death. DiRubba even showed her a photo of the so-called hit and recorded conversations with Cincinelli. 

If convicted, Cincinelli faces as much as 40 years in prison. She has pled not guilty.

Cincinelli joined the NYPD in 2007. In 2017, her affair with DiRubba started, and she was stripped of her gun and badge for a month after it was discovered she was spending time at his home while on duty and sharing confidential information with him, according to the New York Daily News. 

Cincinelli was arrested in 2018 after threatening DiRubba’s daughter. She was charged with aggravated harassment and criminal contempt for violating a Queens family court order of protection prohibiting her from contacting DiRubba. That case is now sealed.