How Margot Robbie Transformed Into Sharon Tate

The actress brought the murdered starlet back to life in "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood."

Actress Margot Robbie transforms into '60s style icon Sharon Tate for the upcoming Quentin Tarantino film, "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.” 

Lauren Lepire is the owner of Timeless Vixen and helped create Robbie's vintage look for the anticipated movie. She explained how she recreated Tate's fashion.

“Sharon Tate was really about being an individual and being comfortable,” Lepire said. 

Some of the iconic styles Tate donned that Robbie matches are a knit cotton dress with a turtleneck collar, an orange mini dress and go-go boots. 

Brad Pitt also stars in the film, and his threads are also an homage to the era. 

Brian Cohen owns clothing store Vintage On Hollywood and said Pitt wears a Hawaiian shirt in the film, illustrating that his character is “laid back but on-the-go, ready for action.”

Cohen provided the film's costume department with Pitt’s floral shirts, denim jeans and aviator glasses.

“We did our best to find those pieces. Original authentic 1960s pieces,” he said. 

For Leonardo DiCaprio's wardrobe, Cohen looked for Earth tone pieces. 

“We wanted to go with handcrafted leather, a lot of brown tones, the '60s is more of a narrower collar,” he said. “Its so timeless you can wear day night no matter what season. It’s so chic and it’s so fun.”