How One Pest Control Expert Solves His Clients Issues

Pest control expert Jim Horton takes Inside Edition on his recent calls.

When a few New York couples heard strange noises coming from their attics, they called one expert to solve the cases. 

Yagini Nontas from Ardsley, New York, was concerned about the intruders in her home and called pest control expert Jim Horton to investigate.

Horton discovered it was a bird in the attic, and he was able to free it. But that wasn’t his only problem to solve. 

Just 10 minutes away, Jim and Jill Wayne were also hearing odd noises. Horton arrived and set up traps and surveillance, and it was later discovered to be a family of raccoons. The raccoons were returned safely to the wild. 

Rodents like raccoons can chew on wires, and he said it leads to copper being exposed, saying that “25% of all fires are usually from rodents and squirrels chewing wires.” Their droppings also contain harmful parasites.

"It’s an extreme health problem," he said.