How Princess Diana's Former Butler Says She Would React to Prince Harry and Prince William's Alleged Rift

Princess Diana feared that Harry would suffer in the shadow of his older brother, Paul Burrell told Inside Edition.

Princess Diana’s butler and confidante says that she too planned a move to North America before her untimely death, telling Inside Edition that Harry and Meghan are “following in Diana’s footsteps.” 

"I remember, she set out in her sitting room, the plans of a home in Malibu, California, the former home of Julie Andrews," Paul Burrell recalled to Inside Edition. "She said to me, ‘I am buying this house and buying this house to give William and Harry a new perspective on life.’”

Paul Burrell told Inside Edition that Princess Di would be heartbroken by the reported rift between Prince Harry and Prince William. 

“At the time of her death, they were cemented together and it would be impossible to pry them apart," he said. "She would say to them, ‘boys, put all differences apart for me.’”

He also says Diana feared that Harry would suffer in the shadow of his older brother, the second in line to the throne. "Harry was always known as the spare and what job does the spare have?" Burrell asked. 

Now, Burrell believes the princess would be rooting for Harry to put his relationship with his wife before his ties to the royal family.

He believes it is Meghan and Harry's joint decision to move to North America and a decision he believes they made while keeping in mind what is best for their family. 

"[Diana] would embrace Meghan and Harry and tell them, ‘Do your thing. Do what makes you happy,'” he said.