How to Properly Secure Your Christmas Tree to the Car and Keep Bugs Out

Here are a few simple steps to follow to make sure you have a safe and bug-free holiday.

Once you head to the farms or stands and pick out the perfect Christmas tree, you want to make sure you don’t bring thousands of insects into your home without realizing it. 

Meaghan Murphy, executive editor at Good Housekeeping, gave Inside Edition some important tips on how to ensure uninvited guests do not linger in your tree as you bring it home for the holidays.  

“First off, inspect the tree," she advises. "If you see any obvious bugs, stay away. Before you bring any tree into the house, shake it out.” 

It's also important to make sure you don't spray your tree with any kind of insect repellent when you get home, according to experts, as those chemicals are usually flammable. 

Once you pick out a tree, the next step is making sure you can get it home safely.  

“Bigger is not always better in this case," Murphy said. "You don't want a tree that is two times the size of your car." 

Then, make sure you have the right materials to make sure your tree is properly secured. 

Murphy recommends using thick twine and tying it to the grab handle inside your car. Then loop it over the tree to the handle on the other side.  

“You'll secure that tightly with two or three knots again, and then we'll repeat that same process on the mid-part of the tree looping it on the back-door handles,” she said.