How to Spot the Signs of Aging and Combat Them: Get the No7 Offer Here

Are there signs of aging you could be missing?

Many women routinely look for changes to their faces, but are there signs of aging you could be missing?

Inside Edition teamed up with No7 and its beauty expert, Cheryl Kramer Kaye, to learn how to spot these signs and combat them.

"Thinning hair can make a woman look a lot older than she really is, but there's an easy fix," Kramer Kaye said. "If you move your part to an area where the hair is thicker it will instantly look fuller."

Next, consider skin care for your hands.

"The skin on your hands is more exposed to the elements so it can age more quickly," she said. "After you apply SPF on your face, make sure to use the rest on the back of your hands."

She also suggested regularly exfoliating the hands for younger-looking skin.

"Because the skin on your neck is thinner so it needs extra attention," she said. "I love No7's Restore & Renew Face & Neck Serum because it firms and reduces crepiness." 

The serum can be used on the face too. In fact, in just two weeks, users saw younger-looking skin on their neck and face, Kramer Kaye said.

Best of all, this is available at Walgreens for less than $35. Get the offer here.