How to Eat Pizza and Other Handheld Foods Without Touching Them

Touching food at restaurants could be a problem during the pandemic.

Pizza, fries, burgers — we love eating food with our hands. But that could be a problem during the pandemic, according to some experts.

"Those folks who are really concerned, I'll tell you what, something that you could simply do, ask the restaurant for a piece of wrap wax paper or go ahead and take a napkin and eat your sandwich by holding the napkin like this, wrapping it around," said food safety expert Anthony Capozzoli.

Another way of avoiding the virus is to stop holding the menu, and many restaurants are making that easy by doing away with them altogether.

"Not only can I order, I can pay online as well," Capozolli said. "I don't have to touch that laminated menu. How gross is that?"

It also makes sense to wear a mask when the waiter appears, but opt to put it in a brown paper bag instead of leaving it on the table while you're eating.

Capozolli said when waiters wear gloves, it gives them a false sense of security. "I'd much rather them wash their hands," he said.

At many restaurants, you also won't be seeing salt and pepper shakers on tables, and the shared ketchup bottle is definitely a thing of the past.