How to Get a Good Night's Sleep During a Heatwave

Certified sleep consultant Jenni June shares tips on how to stay cool when you're trying to sleep during the summer.

About 70 million Americans suffer from a chronic sleep problem, and if you are one of them, you know falling asleep in the oppressive summer heat is particularly problematic.

So, here are some tips to get a good night's rest.

Start cooling down your bedroom during the day, says certified sleep consultant Jenni June.

“Throughout the day, keep the doors open to the bedroom so that air can circulate,” June said.

Also, even though you may crave sunshine, keep the blinds closed all day.

Another tip — heat rises, so if have a downstairs bedroom, sleep there, or turn a couch into a makeshift bed. 

If your child is having trouble sleeping in the heat, send them to bed with something cold, like a frozen teddy bear, June said.

“Grab a bottle of water, spray down their little stuffed animals or toys and stick them in the freezer,” June said. 

What you eat all day long can also affect how you sleep.

“Believe it or not, what you eat during the day will impact sleep, so protect your gut health. Light meals, nothing heavy before bed,” June said.

One final tip has to do with what to wear — or not to wear.

“Naked is best, but if you must wear pajamas, make sure they're lightweight, breathable cotton, and use cotton bedding and sheets as well,” June said.

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