UPS Driver Collapses From Heat as Temperatures Around the World Reach Record Highs

One-third of Americans are currently under heat-related weather warnings.

With record temperatures hitting the U.S. and overseas, it may seem like the world is on fire.

Video showing a UPS delivery driver passing out due to the heat captures just how bad things are.

As the driver struggled to make it onto the front porch of a home in Arizona, he collapsed from the 110-degree temperature and had to lie down for a moment to recover. He got back up again and reached for the doorbell, before stumbling back to his truck.

Homeowner Brian Enriquez says he was shaken when he saw the incident on his Ring doorbell camera.

“It’s just a sickening feeling that you don’t know what’s going to happen to that guy if he goes to the next house or his truck,” Enriquez said.

UPS trucks have no air conditioning, and drivers are taking to social media to share their extreme working conditions. 

The company says the driver in the Arizona video is “fine,” adding, “Our package delivery vehicles make frequent stops, making air conditioning ineffective."

Across the nation, the heat is on.

In Houston, temperatures hit triple digits. The extreme weather sparked severe thunderstorms and flooding in New York, where a massive sinkhole swallowed a van.

One-third of Americans are currently under heat-related weather warnings.

A record heat wave is also sweeping the United Kingdom and several other European countries.

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