How to Save a Dog That's Been Trapped in a Hot Car

Many owners don't realize hot cars are equally as dangerous for dogs as they are for people.

Good Samaritans across the country are coming to the rescue of dogs that have been left in cars under the hot summer sun. 

If you think it's bad for humans being trapped inside a hot car, it’s even worse for dogs with their fur and inability to cool themselves as efficiently as people. 

Stephanie Glen was in tears when she spoke to Inside Edition. Her family was packing for a road trip when their dog, Violet, unknowingly slipped into the car. It wasn't until nearly four hours later that she was discovered in the front seat.

"We checked for a heartbeat, she was slightly stiff and blue in the face, so there was no reviving her,” Glen said. 

Veterinarian Katja Lang said there are things you can do to keep a dog alive after finding it trapped in a hot car

"Place them in a cool, shaded area. The second thing you will want to do is spray them with room temperature water or pour it all over them. The third thing you want to do is put them in front of a fan," she said. 

But the most important thing to remember is simple: Never leave your dog in a hot car.

"Even if you crack the window, the temperature is still going to rise," Lang added.